1. 😳 #swopesfalls (at New York)


  2. Anonymous said: How do you get so much clarity in the far out sights of your shots. I can't even seem to capture clarity of objects at the end of the block.. I even tried using less effect but still can't get it right.

    I use HDR on all my shots. and I also do a details sharpening through Snapseed. brings out a lot of detail!! keep your hand steady and shoot away. sharpening is key tho. you can also do this in VSCOcam


  3. Anonymous said: How do you manage photo storage? Do you use photo stream or manually organize or...?

    I manually organize. I don’t use cloud, but when I have a full camera roll I just save them to an external harddrive and clear my cam roll out. I use ImageCapture on the Mac, great for saving/erasing quickly


  4. Anonymous said: Do you have any advise or shortcuts for anyone that's new to using the app art studio?

    practice a ton and don’t feel too overwhelmed with how complicated it may seem. think of what you want to do to your photo and simply find a tool by testing them out that can do what you want. you’ll get it! I promise. just try everything out and think of it all in a simple way. all the tools are very straight forward


  5. Anonymous said: Elise, you might get these type of questions often,.. But could you pretty please give out a tip or two on how you edit night shots?

    night shots are hard! but I would suggest having a tripod for your iPhone. check out photojojo.com and then get apps like Average Camera Pro (AvgCamPro) and also SlowShutter. I also think post processing is a huge part. not over editing your photo is key.


  6. broadwayisboring said: Hi I'm a big fan of your work and just really in love with the colors in your photos! Any chance I can get tips for getting the colors you have in your photos?

    messing around in Filterstorm can yield some really amazing results. that’s my go to for saturation masking


  7. Anonymous said: Do you sell prints? I like your unique take on Chicago.

    I will be selling prints soon!


  8. Anonymous said: What apps do you use to make the photo quality look really nice on Instagram?

    Snapseed, VSCOcam, filterstorm 🙏


  9. New York


  10. if you could change your game and go anywhere in the world at this very moment, where would it be? ✨ | #CYSCYG #Ambassador @SIMPLEmobile ✈️✌️😊 (at Chicago)


  11. reflecting (at Chicago)


  12. Drake VS Lil Wayne. Chicago, 2014


  13. Chromeo @ Lollapalooza 2014