1. stay golden 💰✨ (at Chicago)


  2. gotta take a moment to stop and tip my hat in respect to the almighty captain, Derek Jeter. #RE2PECT 🙌⚾️ (at Chicago)


  3. so. many. LINES. (at Chicago)


  4. ✌️ (at Chicago)


  5. early morning drone adventures on the top of Marina City for @sohohouse w/ @jasonmpeterson & @dannymota 🙌 super, SUPER sick video coming out soon… (at Chicago)


  6. had a blast this week with @theremixproject!! shout out to the youngins who assisted us with our Jordan shoot. 🙌🏀 @liddobells @amandaluvu @vntgvisions @94vo and a special thanks to @ceida__ and @jasoneano for being amazing.
    Very dope things ahead. 😉 #TheRemixProject (at Chicago)


  7. early bird gets the worm. 🐤 (at Chicago)


  8. 👋☺️ (at Chicago)


  9. Super excited to announce that I’m the new brand ambassador for @SIMPLEmobile! Last time they changed my game by sending me to Portland, Miami, San Francisco and New York… all in ONE week. Can’t wait to see what else we get into. ✌️😉 #CYSCYG (at Chicago)


  10. my amazing friend @fadiakader is the mind behind the massive movement that is #ProtectYourMagic. i wear this necklace everyday, it’s a reminder of my magic: a wild imagination. ☁️💕🔮 what’s your magic? and how do you protect it? support this great movement by checking out more products from @ProtectYourMagic. ✌️☺️ (at #ProtectYourMagic)


  11. I love this city (at Chicago)


  12. Made it to the NY PIX1 news. awesome!


  13. morning 👋 (at Chicago)